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Aqara Gateway is a Wi-Fi intelligent gateway that supports both Apple HomeKit and Mijia. It communicates with sub-devices through Zigbee. Users can add sub-devices to the gateway to control the switches, bulbs, curtains, etc. Temperature and humidity, door and window status, detection of human movement, detection of water leakage, sound and light alarm and other functions. Users can also create and manage various life scenes through Apple's "Home" App and "Mijia" App.

  • Smart Home Center: Aqara Hub is a Comtrol Center for Entire Smart Home. Connecting via Zigbee Protocol. Aqara Accesorries Can Still Work Smoothly Even if Your Home Network is Unstabled or Disconnected.

  • Work with Apple HomeKit: You Can Use Home APP to Control the Hub and It’s Connected Accessories. Aqara Accesorries Can Work with other Homekit-Enabled Accesorries to Provide You a Smarter Home.

  • Siri Voice Control: You Can Comtrol Aqara Accesorries with Siri on your phone. Ipad, Apple Watch or Homepod.

  • No Installation Required: 3 Simple Steps to Use. Suitable for All Kinds of Household Environment.

  • Nightlight Function: It Will Automatically Open when Someone Passes by when Matching the Human Body Sensor.

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