Aqara Smart G2 Camera

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The Aqara Smart IP Camera with Hub Function not only can View Home Dynamic Remotely but also Can Be Connected with Mijia/Aqara Body / Door / Window Sensor, Wall Switch and Other ZigBee Equipment. Can Realize the Family Security and Many Automatic Scenes. The Aqara can Make the Signal of the Smart Home System has a Wider Coverage and is More Stable.

  • Gateway Function - Smart Linkage:With Gateway Function, the Aqara IP Camera Can Link with a Variety of Mi Smart Home Devices to Get Endless Possibility.

  • Big wide Angle:It can be seen a viewing angle of 140 ° and close to human monocular perspective.

  • Night Vision Enhancement, 1080P ultra clear: With the latest technology image sensor, it can effectively enhance the sensitivity of 42%. The 2 megapixel HD quality clearly captures tiny details, and each picture is as clear and smooth as you can see it.

  • AI Image Recognition to Capture Abnormal Dynamics in the Home: Using AI image recognition technology, it can quickly detect movement, detect human form, and effectively avoid false alarms caused by pets running. When no one is at home, if a humanoid movement is detected, a 12s video will be recorded and a reminder will be pushed to the mobile phone.

  • Two-way Voice, Smooth and Unobstructed Calls: Support full-duplex voice calls, you can talk to your family anytime, anywhere through the APP, communication is easy and smooth.

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