Aqara ZigBee Vibration Shock Sensor

Works with

Aqara Vibration Sensor can be placed anywhere according to your needs, guarding your home.

  • Vibration Detection. Real Time reminder – With Built in Precision Accelerometer. The Aqara Motion Sensor Reports the Vibration. Inclination or Falling of an Object to the Gateway, In Order to Give Out Alarms and Send Message to Notify You in Time.

  • Three Levels of Sensitivity: Use the High/Medium/Low Sensitivity for Different Enviroments to Improve Accuracy of The Report. Pay More Attention to What is Important.

  • Guard Every Corner: Nearly as Big as a Coin. The Sensor is Simple and Easy to Install. It Matches All Kinds of Furniture Well to Protect Your Home.

  • Used to Monitor the Door and Windows Switch Status, Important Items Alarmed, Also Can Monitor User's Bed Activity, Help to Determine the Quality of Sleep.

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