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With the Nanoleaf Canvas, you can easily create your own lighting masterpiece. The Nanoleaf Canvas is made up of touch-controllable LED Light Squares that connect together along any side to create any design you choose. Whether it??s creating a clever ??smart art?? decoration above your sofa or a colorful party wall in the basement rec room, adding some serious flair to your home is now a snap.


Modular light squares

The revolutionary edge-lit design maximizes the entire surface area of each Canvas square. Connect light squares together along any edge using staggered arrangement to create your design.


Touch enabled experiences

With a multitouch control, you can operate the light squares by touching them with your palm. Play touch games, including classics such as Whack-A-Mole, PAC-MAN, and Canvas Crush.

Personalize touch commands in the Nanoleaf app so that the light squares react exactly how you want (double tap or swipe can activate on, off, change scene, or adjust brightness).


Built-in music rhythm synchronization

The integrated audio sensor makes your lights react to sound, creating a whole new level of music or gaming immersion.


More than 16 million colors

With 1200K - 6500K color temperature, tune white (candlelight to daylight) dimmable light to get a desired shade.



Fully customize your lighting inside the free app (Android and iOS), create scenes, set schedules, or download/share your scenes with the user community. You choose the colors and their movements.


Smart Home compatibility

Designed for use with other Smart Home ecosystems. Activate scenes through programmed touch gestures, your voice via Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, the Nanoleaf app, or IFTTT.


Simple worry-free installation

Easily mount the light squares onto any flat surface using mounting tape.


Special project

Supports large installations and DMX controls.


No Wi-Fi? No problem

Works right out of the box without Wi-Fi with hundreds of pre-saved scenes.

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