Philips Hue Tap

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Activate your lights and favorite light scenes with the Hue Tap smart light switch. Fully wireless, and portable, the Hue Tap requires no batteries and allows you to program four buttons to your lighting preferences.

Convenient, customizable control
Trigger scenes with a tap of the finger, or program the 4 buttons to turn off lights and activate your light recipes for reading, relaxing and more.

Works with the whole Philips hue family
The included switch syncs with your existing bridge to control your collection of up to 50 linked hue lights and lamps.

Wireless portability and easy installation
Keep the hue tap handy on the coffee table, mount it on a wall, or carry it from room to room wherever you need it.

Touch-powered design
The hue tap runs on kinetic energy, eliminating the need for cumbersome batteries and wires by getting power each time you push the buttons.

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